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The Search for 11:11: A Journey into the Spirit World

by George Mathieu Barnard

Buy the book: George Mathieu Barnard. The Search for 11:11: A Journey into the Spirit World

Release Date: 25 August, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: George Mathieu Barnard. The Search for 11:11: A Journey into the Spirit World

Heaven and Earth Meet!

The Search for 11:11 takes us into the reality where we begin to discover how Heaven reaches down to us to help us. George's experiences are a thrilling journey into this greatly unknown realm, and he sheds the light of his partnership with the celestials in a humorful and compelling manner.

Many of us have had highly coincidential experiences, even our own 11:11 wake-up calls and promptings. I found his sharing of his accounts with the Spirit Guardians an intriguing look at how loved, guided, and cherished we are by a huge celestial reality that staggers our imagination.

Highly recommended if you are on a serious quest for answers about the significance of the 11:11 phenomenon or if you've had personal experience of 11:11 but weren't sure what it was all about.

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A must read for those looking for answers!

Answers to life's baffling questions. This book relates George Barnards' discovery of celestial beings, beings who are constantly present on Earth and have been for many thousands of years. These beings (also called MidWayers, because they're sort of in the middle of where humans and other celestials are) abound in large numbers around Earth and can be requested for all kinds of help. They're very experienced, loving and helpful. They can only be seen by people with special gifts like George Barnard but might already have helped you or someone you know without your knowing. These cousins of ours are contantly working to help the poor, the sick and the downtrodden of the planet. Read more about these fantastic beings in this very readable and often very funny book 'The Search for 11:11'.
George has done a great job putting this first in the series of 3 books and I heartily recommend this book to all seekers.

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