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The Final Elimination of the Source of Fear

by Saratoga

Buy the book: Saratoga. The Final Elimination of the Source of Fear

Release Date: 1995

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Saratoga. The Final Elimination of the Source of Fear

Its a crazy title, but it's a very easy book

I loved this book. My friend bought it at a library sale and we took turns reading it to each other at first as a joke because of its silly title. But after one page, we both realized that they weren't kidding.

They claim the book can permanently remove fear from your life. I have grown to realize what fear is and it's not in my life much anymore. This book was a large component of making that come true.

Its a good and simple read too. Very direct and no nonsense.

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I found this book to be one of the most profound sources of truth I have yet to read and experience. I believe if I had read this book when I was young I may not have experienced the truth and power of the words and feelings that I did now that I'm older. This is not to take away from anyone wishing to reading this book. In fact I would encourage any true seeker of truth to read it. You will experience a powerful expression of connectedness and maybe a clear understanding of your place in the universe. Take a chance, the only thing you have to loose is fear.

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