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Talking With Angels

by Gitta Mallasz, Daimon Verlag

Buy the book: Gitta Mallasz. Talking With Angels

Release Date: November, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Gitta Mallasz. Talking With Angels

A wise book meant for those capable of deep reflection

This is not a how to book. The angels in this book answer many deep and compelling questions. Questions humans have been asking for a long time. It was a hard book to come by and now that amazon has it everyone can find what the soul seeks answers to. Be patient read the whole book then read it again. I have many times and each time I gain a little more understanding of each angels message and why they are so important to us. These angels are not confined to religious dogma they are not catholic jewish baptist they are the angels who share what they know to guide us, and help us understand the reason we are here and what we are to accomplish. I will keep this book with me always in heart and mind. Gitta said she did not write it I believe her the angels did.

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Outstanding tool

Currently reading the French version published by Aubier in 1990 - insightful - The Course in Miracles, the Book of Urantia, Conversations with God, the Celestine Prophecy, in the same vein, are either extremely complex or lack the genuineness and the directness obvious in this "automatic writing" book. I think G.M may well be describing experiences and approaches akin to spiritual awakening as described in 12 steps programs literature. We owe mankind an English version of this one...

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