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She Talks With Angels: A Psychic-Medium's Guide into the Spirit World

by Michelle Whitedove

Buy the book: Michelle Whitedove. She Talks With Angels: A Psychic-Medium's Guide into the Spirit World

Release Date: 01 July, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Michelle Whitedove. She Talks With Angels: A Psychic-Medium's Guide into the Spirit World

She Talks With Angels: A Psychic-Medium's Guide into the Spi

I first met Michelle at Barnes and Noble in 1999. My best friend asked me if I wanted to see a woman who states that she is a Psychic and a Medium, and is presenting her book at Barnes and Noble. Being a Psychic and a Medium myself I have to honestly say I was not only skeptical, but was ready and willing to discard her away with all the other self proclaimed psychics and mediums who really are anything but communicators of the "other-side"! Rows of empty chairs filled behind me, whispers of anticipation, skepticism and general curiosity waned through the air. Sitting in the front row with no more than a casual interest something strange began to happen. My guides appeared in unison, my vibration raised and I felt the connection to my higher self. My guides were preparing to channel through me. The only difference is, the information I was about to get was not for someone else, as is often the case when I am conducting a psychic reading, the information was for me. Remaining as stubborn as ever, I was still convinced that they must have been preparing to validate Michelle's lack of skill. The vibration of the room rose even higher as Michelle walked on to the make shift stage to deliver her message. "Pay Attention!" my guides warned, "Pay attention to everything." Message after message came through me. For every message I was given, seconds later I would hear it confirmed by Michelle. She uttered the very same words to the person who was asking her the question that I was simultaneously receiving from my guides. Michelle defeated my skepticism in one angelic moment after the next. Who was this messenger and teacher standing before me, and why had I been so blessed to have her presence known to me? Suddenly, someone in the crowd confronting Michelle penetrated this awesome moment. He could not see what I could see about Michelle, and maybe I wouldn't have seen it either if my guides had not made a point of channeling through me to open my eyes to the truth. The stranger verbally attacked her, questioning her faith in God, and viciously spitting out words of ill repute. Shaken by this sudden outburst, I began to pray that Michelle handle him as best she could. Before I even finished the first sentence of my plea to God, Michelle it seems, was way ahead of me. "Sir," she said, "Only God knows my true intent, and I am not here to convince you or change your mind..." she continued to respond to the man in a firm but gentle manor, she wished him love an light at the end, but he was not satisfied. He continued his tirade to no avail and eventually left as the audience began to defend Michelle. Regardless of this, there was something different about every single one of us that sat and listened to Michelle that night. Some of us received messages from departed loved ones, some of us were told our destiny, some of us realized we also had a gift and responsibility to increase our knowledge and use of it, and me, well I learnt that Michelle is special and worth paying attention to. Unable to afford the cost of the book I slipped out of Barnes and Nobles that night without it. Months later my boyfriend at the time bought me her book. Like her presentation that night, Michelle's book is filled with direction and understanding. It is clear, concise and opens you up to another dimension of the self. In order to run, we must first learn to walk. Michelle provides tools in her book to help you to walk, before you know it, you will be running.

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This book picks up where her first one left off. This goes into much deeper spiritual knowledge and explanation of a lot of psychic/intuitive/spiritual things. How to live an illumined life is disclosed, and things that really matter. Why are we here? Where are we when we aren't here?

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