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Princess Diana's Message of Peace

by Marcia McMahon

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Release Date: January, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Marcia McMahon. Princess Diana's Message of Peace

An Extraordinary Message of Peace

Book Review for: Princess Diana's Message of Peace

An Extraordinary Message of Peace

The work of channel Marcia McMahon with the late Princess Diana is of extremely timely benefit for our current world. During this season of unrest in the Middle East, the messages brought forth from Princes Diana offer us wisdom and the comfort of knowing that the celestial forces are not only aware of our strife, but are working diligently to aid us.

Through her ability to channel (the gift of speaking to the realm of Spirit) Marcia was contacted by Diana in May of 2001. Marcia's first book is a transcription of Diana's messages to Marcia concerning not only the Mid-East situation, but includes letters to her sons, thoughts on education for the new millennium, and astounding thoughts about many aspects of life.

For those who wonder about the veracity of material delivered through channeling, Diana's own words offer a wonderful insight: "Truth stands on its own merit, its own accord. The only way to verify the message is to let it resound within your soul, and if it is true, it will resound accordingly. I work through other channels and each one is a filter through which my words resonate. Some are more accurate than others, and all have human faults. In all fairness to the question (how to know if she was really Diana), I can verify the truth of this channel....But the reader must also make up their own mind, and this is so in any endeavor, in anything one reads. Put aside judgements and prejudices as you read my material so that my voice can be heard around the world and within your own heart." (Pg. 66, Princess Diana's Message of Peace, Marcia McMahon) Letting our hearts and spirit be the guide is the best test of what we find truthful in doubtful times.

Insight to the purpose of the life of Diana, the woman who lived here in a physical form and came to be revered internationally, is covered in part by this disclosure to Marcia:

M: "It sounds as though you were playing in a starring role instead of just living a life."
D: "That is so, and rightly should it be thought of although I had thoughts and emotions, my life as Diana was like super stardom, even in the darkest moments of personal tragedy, such as my divorce and death. People everywhere looked to my life, perhaps too much in the tabloids, and missed the meaning of my life, which was to be an example amongst the people. For you are all capable of greatness and must learn to look within oneself for the inner Princess and Prince.
For now I wish to close with this thought, that you are to look within your own heart, seek your own greatness and find something to do for humankind to show your love and goodness. I continue to watch over all of you and ask for continued prayer amongst the faithful in all religious persuasions so that the conflict will soon end."

What of Diana as she exists now? What is her purpose for this contact with her channels? Why come to those who can work with her and reach out to this world she has left? In her own words: "We want to save a world for you, your children, and your children's children. This message is from Diana, the peacemaker and Princess of Peace All my love in a troubled time, Diana" "Wherever there is suffering, wherever there is pain, just call on me and I'll be there in an instant. I want to be there as a Queen of Hearts! Diana" Is it so hard to believe that a soul who worked so hard for those downtrodden people while here should be of any different mind once she leaves?

Marcia's book is a treasure trove of life wisdoms and updates on the Mid-East situations as they unfolded in 2001 and 2002. Her work with Diana has much weight to bear on the world's future.

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Princess Diana's Message of Peace

"Princess Diana's Message of Peace" compliments the book, "The Stars Still Shine: An Afterlife Journey" and vice versa. If you are an ardent follower of Princess Diana, want to know what her mission is now in the afterlife, then this is a book for you. The book is a collection of almost weekly messages from Diana channeled through Marcia McMahon. As peace ambassadors, Diana and Marcia work tirelessly to present messages that forecast possible conflicts and terrorism in the U.S., Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations around the world. They provide solutions for the world to avert or resolve conflicts. The book also presents a series of watercolor paintings of Diana by Marcia and photos of tributes to Diana and Dodi Fayed in the days following their deaths. There are listings of resources that support Diana's causes and efforts.

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