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Shifting Frequencies

by Jonathan Goldman, Shamael

Buy the book: Jonathan Goldman. Shifting Frequencies

Release Date: December, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Jonathan Goldman. Shifting Frequencies

Money Money Money Money Money Money Money

Its all about the money. This book sounds like it was written for a bunch of 5 year olds. It was written by Jonathon and "Shamael". I bought this book thinking that it would have some good info. It did have about 5 pages or so of actual information. I marked the rest of the book with a b.s. symbol. If anyone wants a book that already has the actual information marked off from the bs email me.
If you want a book on this subject that still deals with religion somewhat I would recommend the Cosmic Octave by Cousto. His book is filled with info and graphs and charts. I was disappointed to see a few money making skemes with him, but I guess it is to be expected with this sort of thing.

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Shifting Frequencies

This is a rather interesting and compelling book for the Metaphysic enthusiast, and a wonderful starter to those intrested in New Age psychology. Those who are not however may still find this book a genuine perception into the world of New-Age mysteries, and those who are familliar with the conceptual insight of " Inner Light " may very well make good use of this book. Brilliant and Insightful, Shifting Frequencies really touches common ground with the spiritual world without and within. Even those who do not believe will surely not turn away without some form of bieng enlightened. Self help is just around the corner, with this great self harmonizing and constructing message it sends out, you will feel rather enlightend and almost, illuminated. A better head on your shoulders, and this book will defidently take you there in its instruction based workbook like story medium that is easy for anyone to understand, and when reading this book in itself is a transitional change into a world of illumination. It works for me, it will work for you. A truly great insightful book.

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