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Opening to Channel: How to Connect With Your Guide

by Sanaya Roman, Duane Packer, Sonaya Roman

Buy the book: Sanaya Roman. Opening to Channel: How to Connect With Your Guide

Release Date: April, 1987

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Sanaya Roman. Opening to Channel: How to Connect With Your Guide

Excellent for the beginner !

i have quite a few books on "channeling" in my book collection, but this one takes the gold! It is very easy to understand, and does NOT make the art of channeling anymore complicated than it has to be. The excercises contained within the book are excellent. One of the reasons i love this book so much is because once i started reading the material, mild channeling sessions would just start to come naturally. Not to mention, most of us channel "more than we know".. This book simply makes you aware that you are doing it, that anyone can do it, and just how easy it is....

The text flows beautifully, and the authors are wonderful!
i would reccommend this book to anyone who sincerely wants to learn to channel.

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Anyone Can Channel

Anyone can channel, and this is the premise of this book. As with all of Sanaya's books, she herself is channeling Orin (Duane is channeling Daben), a wise and caring entity. It is their goal to help awaken humanity to the inner senses that we all contain and all of us can use. It is interesting to know that guides are just waiting for us to open up to them, and they are excited that we as a species are developing our abilities in the "unknown". Whether is be channeling or trance, this book will show you how to do it.

Of course there is a difference between channeling and trance and this book explains it clearly to find which method suits you best. It is written in a very clear manner that is easy to understand. It is broken up into exercises that are easy to follow and the only thing you have to do is....practice! If you follow these exercies and keep practicing, you will eventually open up to channel. As always, with some people it will come naturally and with ease....others, it may take some extra time and practice. But don't be discouraged! Honor where you are, and keep practicing...it will happen for you!

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