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Nikola Tesla Returns

by Robert R. Leichtman

Buy the book: Robert R. Leichtman. Nikola Tesla Returns

Release Date: November, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Robert R. Leichtman. Nikola Tesla Returns

The training of a genius mind to fish for ideas in a pond.

This book is surprising in a way. Nicola Tesla speaks through a medium and I had expected that he would reveal a few technical details that he had left obscure or did not have the time to complete. But technical things were hardly touched upon. On the contrary, Tesla's concern is to point scientists towards the method he used for focussing his mind to tap into a wealth of multi-dimensional "ideas" that penetrate the physical world and exist like fish in a pond. He explains how a genius mind can explore that pond of ideas and how it can be trained to see the multi-dimensionality of an invention, its interrelation with other ideas and its netto effect on mankind, our planet and further. He also explains, why some secrets were never revealed when he still was incorporate and why they probably never will be. The book is formed like an interview between a handful of people with Nicola Tesla speaking through the author. It very much expresses the spiritual growth that I feel that must take place before we even consider inventing new technology. Refreshing to read and humorous although it deals with serious matter. Occasionally the book crosses into spritistic regions that do not create spontaneous resonance within me.

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