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Love's Eternal Marriage: Bridging Heaven and Earth

by Irene Weinberg

Buy the book: Irene Weinberg. Love's Eternal Marriage: Bridging Heaven and Earth

Release Date: December, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Irene Weinberg. Love's Eternal Marriage: Bridging Heaven and Earth

Finding my soulmate

Little did I know that my future soulmate connected me with Irene Weinberg's book. I was at a seminar when this kind gentleman presented me with Irene's book. We exchanged business cards that day. A few weeks later I phoned him to let him know how thankful I was for sharing this knowledge, and how Irene's words were so comforting to me and answered a lot of questions I had about the afterlife. I cried through every page, and felt an immense release of tension. Less than two months of reading Irene's book, this kind gentleman and I were on our first date at Club Med. Thank you Irene for connecting me with my new found friend and mate. I recommend giving this book to anyone who wants to start or augment their relationships.

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Love Knows No Boundaries

I had the honor and pleasure of meeting the author, Irene Weinberg, several years ago. I met Irene at the time she began her very private moments through the often confusing and very painful days of mourning and grief after the very sudden and abrupt loss of her husband, Saul, who was the one and only true love of her life. As a result of this unexpected life altering experience, Irene takes the reader on a personal journey of healing as she reveals and shares her many lives throughout the centuries with Saul, her ever present and constant soul and life mate. Enlightening and profoundly spiritual, Love's Eternal Marriage is a book that must be read and reread, for throughout each page, through Irene's profound experiences following the loss of her husband, lies the very essence of the meaning of love, in its simplicity, in its complexity and in its most unconditional form.

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