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LoveLines : Notes from Spirit on Loving and Being Loved

by Gates McKibbin

Buy the book: Gates McKibbin. LoveLines : Notes from Spirit on Loving and Being Loved

Release Date: 15 October, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Gates McKibbin. LoveLines : Notes from Spirit on Loving and Being Loved

Loving Messages We Can't Live Without!

I read all six books in the series in six nights! I couldn't put them down! Months later, I read them again. There are so many insightful messages in them, I didn't want to forget anything! I love this book and have purchased it as a gift for many of my friends! This book and all the books in Gates' series are a fabulous collection of loving messages from spirit. They contain timeless reminders of why we're here on this earth and how we can fill our lives with genuine love, courage, hope and wisdom. With clarity and honesty, Gates discusses everything from how to love and be loved to the life of the soul. Quick to read but deep in meaning.

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Lovelines:A Book of Revelations

This is one of the most profound, insightful and illuminating books I have read on the subject. I have had the book for several months and continue to use it as a source of inspiration and meditation. The author brings to life many aspects of the subject as an enlightening source of revelation. This is not a "feel good" book, but an exploration of "love" in a truly intelligent and engaging fashion. The book contains messages, given to the author,for the benefit of all who would reflect upon them. The messages are deeply spiritual, yet practical in terms of addresing the problems and issues we all face as persons seeking love--love of self and love of others. She is truly an intermediary--one who has given us a great gift in her willingness to share the insights and wisdom she has been granted.

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