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Planetary Brother

by Bartholomew, Joy Franklin, Mary-Margaret Moore

Buy the book: Bartholomew. Planetary Brother

Release Date: April, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Bartholomew. Planetary Brother


This is a life-altering book. That expression has become cliche', but here are a few things that this book changed in my life: unplugged television 2 years ago and don't miss it a bit; drastically improved my relationship with my wife and parents; fear no longer controls my life; I never get angry at other drivers; cultivation of love for even the "bad" events in life; and many others. Whether you are looking for simple but powerful meditation techniques, how to appreciate the simple pleasures of life, make sense of the war and violence in our world, or just simply want to increase your everyday mood from slightly-below-content to smiling most of the time, this is the book for you. I can't say enough good about this one.

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Things I didn't remember I already knew

Along with Seth's material, Bartholomew's wonderful insights echo memories of things all of us know. The gist is that somehow humanity has chosen to forget what and how we are, while we were busying ourselves in our dreamworld.

The Bartholomew books provide an easy access to materials, nowadays also found elsewhere. What makes these books so outstanding though is their caring simplicity, ease of terms and words. I have found the Bartholomew guidance wonderfully complementing what I have already learned through Seth and others.

There are really no teachers, we are all students learning from each other. No-one takes precedence, but each and everyone communicates in a different voice. That not only makes each of us here on earth individual and different, it also unifies our living, common heritage in aware consciousness.

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