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Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution

by Amorah Quan Yin, Amorah Quan-Yin, Barbara Hand Clow

Buy the book: Amorah Quan Yin. Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution

Release Date: August, 1996

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Amorah Quan Yin. Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution

My personal opinion

Well this book seemed very interesting at first so I just had to get my own copy. I began reading the first chapters with much enthusiasm but soon got bored and uninterested actually. I also felt that this book got stuck on less important details at some occasions, but that might be just me.

I like the approach of this book but it didn't really convince, me perhaps I had to high expectations or another title would have served this book better...

But I'm not alien to ideas of mankind being related to other planets, systems or nonearthly beings etc.

I suggest you borrow this book from your local library instead.

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To know what we have gone through....

Take a look at this book, if you wonder why we humans, with a beautiful angle inside each one's heart, sometimes think and act totally different from our divine essence. Reading this book, you will remember how we have accumulated our karmas when living on Venus, Mars, Maldek and Earth.By remembering these stories, you can release some of your karmas. Take a look at it if you feel you have incarnations before. See what in the past caused your today's arrogance, addiction, prejudice, hatred, violience, victimhood and shame.And release them. Namaste!

If you finish this book, you will find the author ends stories to the Age of Lemuria. You may wonder the histoty of Atlantis. In Amorah's another book: The Pleiadian Workbook Awakening your Divine Ka, you can continue your history reading in Chapter 3. And you will also learn the connection between our history and our purpose to be here as well as our possible future. Enjoy reading it!

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