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In Search of Brazil's Quantum Surgeon: The Dr. Fritz Phenomenon

by Masao Maki

Buy the book: Masao Maki. In Search of Brazil's Quantum Surgeon: The Dr. Fritz Phenomenon

Release Date: November, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Masao Maki. In Search of Brazil's Quantum Surgeon: The Dr. Fritz Phenomenon

I read this book, then I had surgery from Rubens/Dr. Fritz

It's true, it worked, it changed my life. Rubens is the real deal and has a gift that is a blessing to our world. He did back surgery on me with no drugs/anesthesia before, during or after, I had no bleeding/bruising or other complications. I was awake, laughing and telling stories during the entire procedure.

I went from having back pain 95% of the time, to virtually no pain at all. I have before and after x-rays showing the change in the alignment of my spine. Doubt if you must, but for me and thousands of others, THIS IS TRUTH.

I just watched a video done by this author, Masao Maki. It is only in Japanese and not currently available on Amazon, but the ISBN is 4-89976-025-6. The video shows surgeries and has an interview with Dr. Fritz. It is about 60 mintues long.

Other books about Dr. Fritz:

Arigio, Surgeon of the rusty knife ASIN: 0690005121 and Dr. Fritz the Phenomenon of the Millenium: The Author's True Story Between the Spiritual and Material Worlds ISBN: 0595206581.

Seeing, reading about and especially experiencing this really changed the way I look at the world. I encourage you to explore this material.

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A while back there was a program on TV called The Human Experience. It would weekly study and report on aspects of being human and living. One of the episodes was on alternative medicine and psychic healing. One of the subjects reported on was Dr. Fritz(Rubens Faria) of Brazil. To say I was stunned by what I saw would not describe what I observed. I watched as he did a bloodless surgery on a man to remove a bullet from close to his spine. There was no anesthesia given, no apparent pain, only a pair of sissors for tools. The patient was fully alert, sitting upright in a packed waiting room thru the whole operation. Amazingly, Dr, Fritz got the bullet and stitched up the man in about 1 minute total time. The patient got up,answered a few questions from the American film crew and left. There were several US doctors who had come with the TV crew to oberve Dr. Fritz and they appeared to be as stunned as I was.What they and I saw was inexplainable. Dr. Fritz continued to see more than 1000 patients that day(one thousand that's right).Several needed and received these bloodless/painless speed surgeries.It's easy to be skeptical of Dr. Fritz and it's easy to be captivated by his psychic medical powers. But it's not easy to explain or understand this phenomenon. To see such an operation done in a filthy Brazilian warehouse with a pair of sissors and no anesthesia, no pain,no blood and the patient appears cured, what can be said. But there is a grim side to Dr. Fritz...anyone who undertakes these powers( the most noted currently is Rubens Faria) knows he will die a violent death.Curious. You would think that there would be more information on Dr. Fritz but such is not the case. That defunct TV show, this book, and Faria's own book is about it. This book is not written with a strong academic search for truth. But enough first hand information is presented to make this book a worthwhile read.

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