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Inner Shaman

by Margaret M. Schneider

Buy the book: Margaret M. Schneider. Inner Shaman

Release Date: 30 November, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Margaret M. Schneider. Inner Shaman

From the Heart

Dr. Schneider opens herself up to the reader by sharing her spiritual journey. It is easily read and keeps your interest. The exercises at the end of each chapter are wonderful. They encourage you to tap into various facets of your inner self. This is a must read for anyone who is looking to heal and journey inward.

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Inner Shaman is Grace and Passion

Inner Shaman is a unique work. Written as an odyssey of life, Dr. Schneider successfully enables the reader to penetrate the illusions of life's obstacles on a multitude of spiritual levels. The fundamental premise of the book directly aligns with the tenets of the Ancient Wisdom now only again becoming discernable. On its face, the story relates how personal liberation can open the doorway to wisdom and, ultimately liberation, by overcoming obstacles in our personal lives. The more discerning reader will grasp that Dr, Schneider has subtly conveyed the Laws of the Ancient Wisdom in each progressive experience and how they are expressed in her own journey. Underlying the entire work is the one singular principle that declares there is an "inner shaman" and that shaman is our true self.

Written with grace and sincere personal passion, Inner Shaman is a penetrating but easy read. I give it 5 stars, a must for any person seeking the hidden truths in our worldly lives.

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