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Jane Roberts' A View From the Other Side

by Jane Roberts, Jane Roberts, Anina Davenport

Buy the book: Jane Roberts. Jane Roberts' A View From the Other Side

Release Date: December, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Jane Roberts. Jane Roberts' A View From the Other Side

Too small, nothing new, too little explanation from Jane

I'm disappointed to see how others have presumed Mary Marecek's intention for publishing her book. I'm also disappointed to see the "it's not Jane" condemnations. Who could ever know for sure that some part of Jane's survival personality was not involved in the production of this manuscript? We also know about channeling, Seth told us many times, that a level of distortion is involved in the process coloring the work through the mind of the receiver. FOR MY REVIEW.... The first thing about this book is it's size. THE BOOK IS VERY SMALL and in my opinion is hardly worthy [it]... However, I did find some valuable information in this book. I didn't read any ideas here that I haven't already read in a Seth book. The concepts presented here might offer a slightly different perspective but I believe reading Seth would be much more beneficial not to say cost effective.

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Jan Sweeney Must be back for Revenge

Hey~ Let's get a break from Jan Sweeney..the lady who pretends to understand metaphysics but just rides the motorcycles of her mind. Oh dear..this is poor fiction......

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