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In Realms Beyond: Book One of the Peter Project

by Al Miner, Lama Sing

Buy the book: Al Miner. In Realms Beyond: Book One of the Peter Project

Release Date: August, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Al Miner. In Realms Beyond: Book One of the Peter Project

A Wonderful Guide To Understanding Life After Life

I have re-read In Realms Beyond three times and I find new aspects of awakening each time. I have purchased copies for friends and they relate the same inner feelings of hopefulness and joy. In Realms Beyond is more than a retelling of one man's journey beyond death. It is a book of lessons to live by. But perhaps more importantly, it is a vivid picture of the promise of oneness that awaits us, now. This book is a must read for serious students who seek to realize their full potential as co-creative partners in healing self and bringing blessings to others.

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Very unique perspective in a genre now filled with lookalike

There have been a ton of books written on the subject of what it is like after we die...but this is by far the most unique, most informative and thought provoking...I will re-read this book many times to glean the subtleties that I missed simply because I wanted to know what happened next...In my heart of hearts I know that for anyone who is a student, you will appreciate this perspective in your repetoire. I hope he writes more.

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