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How to Talk With Your Angels

by Kim O'neill

Buy the book: Kim O'neill. How to Talk With Your Angels

Release Date: 01 November, 1995

Edition: Mass Market Paperback


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Buy the book: Kim O'neill. How to Talk With Your Angels

This is a How-to Manual, but you still have to do the Work.

I just finished the book the other night. I found it very interesting and informative... Will I be able to sit and quiet myself for the amount of time that it takes to do some of these exercises?? That will take a lot of Work on my part. I have trouble turning off the "Noise" in my head. Do I beleive in what she's saying?? Absoultely... I have had vist's and have heard "Voices" from unseen forms, most always when I'm sleeping. Maybe some of the people that say this book doesn't work for them, are like me and have trouble Turning off, and Tuning In to themselves. It's not an easy task, you stil have to be Open and Non-Judgemental. I've read a lot of book's over the past couple of years on spirituality, and this one gave very specific instructions.

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A wonderful book

I read this book when I was first starting out. While I found it a little hard to follow everything, I soon found my own way to talk to my angels and guides. I would recommend this book to anyone just starting out into the world of soul and spirit.

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