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Heaven and Earth : Making the Psychic Connection

by James Van Praagh

Buy the book: James Van Praagh. Heaven and Earth : Making the Psychic Connection

Release Date: 23 October, 2001

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: James Van Praagh. Heaven and Earth : Making the Psychic Connection

Fascinating and enlightening

In this book, James Van Praagh gives great insights into his work as a medium. He shares his experiences and also tells us how to make our own connections to the psychic world.

I've read other books on psychic phenomena, and have to say that Van Praagh truly does a masterful job in enlightening the reader on this subject. He teaches how to hone in our psychic sensitivities while giving examples of his personal experiences to give the reader clarity. The stories of his personal experiences range from frightening, to very moving.

The thing I liked most about this book was how he teaches us the dangers of the psychic realm, and how we can protect ourselves. Over and over, Van Praagh gives us insights into his personal experiences that help reinforce the ideas he's conveying.

In addition to psychic protection, he tells us about our sixth sense, aura, chakras, Akashic records, guardian angels and spirit guides. He tells us how he cleanses his own aura and protects himself.

For those who are interested in tapping into their psychic powers, this book is a must read. Even for those who are just interested astral projection will gain useful knowledge about psychic protection to prepare themselves.

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You, TOO, can have a psychic connection.

James Van Praagh is a wonderful author. Reading this book is like having him right here speaking to me as if we were old friends. He downplays his magnificient psychic abilities. He lets us know that the things he does, we can do as well. I read a few of his other books and listened to some of his tapes before reading Heaven and Earth, and felt that with practice, I, too, could get in touch with my SIX senses. I may not be able to perform the activities he does...but who knows??? Great reading -- especially if you want to "get to know yourself."

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