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Contacting Your Spirit Guide (Book w/CD)

by Sylvia Browne

Buy the book: Sylvia Browne. Contacting Your Spirit Guide (Book w/CD)

Release Date: December, 2002

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Sylvia Browne. Contacting Your Spirit Guide (Book w/CD)

Excellent Book: Effort Required

This is a book that gives you a technique to
contact your Spirit Guide. It is A technique
and like all techniques you have to use it.
It is a little like lifting weights. If the
weights sit on the floor, gathering dust,
you are not going to get strong. If you lift
them only once and give up, you are not going
to get strong. You have to lift them regularly.
You are going to have to work
Sylvia Browne's technique until it works.
As usual, Sylvia Browne
explains clearly what to do and why you do it.
If you are not going to make an effort, then
don't buy the book, but if you want to do
something spiritual for yourself, this is a
good book with good techniques to help you
do it.

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Following directions&Paying attention

I have read everthing Sylvia Browne has written and found the CD included in this book to be extremly helpful.It is imposible to meditate while you read,so the CD was an excellent tool. Even thought the book is short it holds the key to open the door to meeting a very special sprit that is yours alone.I have meet my guide,Marcia,by folloing along with the CD and it was an experience that I can only compare with the birth of my childern.I know that anyone who wants to do it can.You must let yourself be clear in your mind and open to the experience.I promise it is worth the effort.Sylvia has made it easy and very possible and I thank her for it.Give it a try and you will not be disappointed!

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