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Communion With God

by Neale Donald Walsch, Edward Asner, Ellen Burstyn, etc.

Buy the book: Neale Donald Walsch. Communion With God

Release Date: 19 October, 2000

Edition: Audio CD


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Buy the book: Neale Donald Walsch. Communion With God

A little more New Age...

I have read CWG 1, 2, 3, FWG and now Communion with God. I'm pretty experienced with the concepts in Neale Donald Walsch's books and they have helped me in my life greatly. For me, this was one of the best books in the series. A few things I really liked was the fact that in the book "God" says to go within for the answers (page 108) so if you think this book isn't true, then believe yourself and if you think it is true, then believe yourself. I also found it very amusing that at the end of many chapters God says "And they were right.. but they made a mistake, etc." You'll see what I mean when you read the book. I thought it was funny that he kept repeating himself, but I do have a weird sense of humor so that might be why...

What this book mainly talks about is the Ten Illusions of Humans and how to see through them. Some things kind of confused me, like the Illusion of Ignorance. If I have no ignorance, then why am I reading this book? I know my soul has no ignorance, but as far as my human mind is right now.. I'm pretty sure it doesn't know (or, remember) everything.

One thing I really want to say in this review is that this is "just another religion/belief." We Are All One, etc. Many people call this religion "New Age." New Age talks about being One with everything and it also mixes in some self-help and stuff with it, that is the New Age religion and even if this book or anyone else wants to deny that, when you really look at it this is New Age. This book says it's not a better way, just another way.. yet it also says that it really is telling the "Ultimate Truth" and one day all religions will eventually tell you "the Ultimate Truth" which is what CWG (New Age) and every other religion claim to be. However, the nice thing about New Age is that it doesn't condemn other religions.. meanwhile other religions love to condemn each other.

If you are a fan of the CWG series, I highly suggest you pick this one up. But please don't get too caught up in everything and forget that Love is all that matters. If you were to ask me about my religion I would say, Love is my religion and the Universe is my church. The truth is so simple a child could understand it completely, Love is the answer! But being the complex individuals we are, I think we try to make it harder than it is. That's just my belief though, you can believe anything you want. Even Jesus said that Love is the Way though. God bless all!

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The greatest book ever

If you are at all familiar with CWG series you know how powerful and transformational these books can be. Well, believe it or not, this book is even BETTER and more revealing than any of the other books! I couldn't put the book down and I read the entire thing the first day I bought it. The book transformed the way I see myself and the world. the 10 grand illusions, one by one, explain fully and deeply why the human experience can cause so much pain, confusion, anger and bitterness. Then it grandly explains how to escape from the illusions and USE them for their intended purpose. If you learn how to master these illusions (which is mastery of life on Earth) you will not be the same person, and the world will not be the same place. I highly recommend this book to anyone. These books have been such a great gift for me that I have created my own website dedicated to enlightening the world that has a lot of completely FREE resources: www.kulshreshtha.org

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