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Bliss Is Everywhere Now

by Mark W. Jones, Sarah Beck

Buy the book: Mark W. Jones. Bliss Is Everywhere Now

Release Date: 01 June, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Mark W. Jones. Bliss Is Everywhere Now

Bliss Is Everywhere Now

This is a wonderful little book. I sent a copy to three friends because I enjoyed it so much. The writer's exuberance gave me a lift just reading it, his joy is contagious. While he has a good foundation in the Eastern mystical tradition, his path is one of enjoyment of the physical life as a gift from Spirit. The book would be worth the price just for the third chapter which has so many techniques for Spiritual awakening. Many have spent years if not decades searching for these "secrets" I keep the book on a table so I can see it during the day, not only for the beauty of the cover photography, but because the title reminds me of how we should embrace each and every moment.

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A user-friendly manual for accessing bliss now

This is a wonderful guide book for those who want to feel the bliss of existance that is available to us right now. This ancient science is made easy and accessible for modern westerners. Mark Jones has perfected these practices and attested to their effectiveness in a completely down-to-earth and believable way that enables the reader to simply stop procrastinating and do these practices right here, right now. The cerebro-spinal system is ready and waiting to be made a conduit for the eternal bliss that the sages tell us about. Read this book now!

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