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21. Bliss Is Everywhere Now
by Mark W. Jones, Sarah Beck

22. Book of El Daoud, the Father King, 1923
by Anonymous

23. Bridge Over the River: After Death Communications of a Young Artist Who Died in World War I
by Sigwart, Joseph Wetzel, Joseph Wetzl

24. Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians
by Barbara Marciniak, Tera L. Thomas

25. Butterfly Within
by Kathleen Garbe, Kathleen Garbe

26. Cardinal's Sin: Psychic Defenders Uncover Evil in the Vatican
by Raymond Buckland

27. Celestial Messages
by Gregory Boster

28. Channeling (Astrolog Complete Guides Series)
by Roxanne McGuire

29. Channeling Your Higher Self
by Edgar Cayce, Mark Thurston, Stanley Ralph Ross

30. Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources
by Jon Klimo

31. Channelling: Evolutionary Exercises for Channels
by Vywamus, Barbara Burns

32. Channelling: What It Is and How to Do It
by Lita De Alberdi

33. Comes the Awakening : Realizing the Divine Nature of Who You Are (A Pleiadian Book)
by Lia Shapiro

34. COMMUNICATING WITH THE DEAD : Reaching Friends and Loved Ones Who Haved Passed On to Another Dimension of Life
by Linda Georgian

35. Communion With God
by Neale Donald Walsch, Edward Asner, Ellen Burstyn, etc.

36. Complete Lectures of the Pathwork: In Two Edition with CDROM
by Eva Pierrakos, Moira Shaw, Judith Saly

37. Contact With the Other World: The Latest Evidence As to Communication With the Dead, 1919
by James H. Hyslop

38. Contacting Your Spirit Guide (Book w/CD)
by Sylvia Browne

39. Conversations With Eternity: The Forgotten Masterpiece of Victor Hugo
by Victor Hugo, John Chambers, Martin Ebon

40. Conversations With Matthew
by Lucy Copestake

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