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Angels Are People Too and Other Life Lessons

by Doris Davis

Buy the book: Doris Davis. Angels Are People Too and Other Life Lessons

Release Date: December, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Doris Davis. Angels Are People Too and Other Life Lessons

Simple, elegant reading!

Doris Davis' book is one of those rare reads that you simply can't put down until the end. In her effortless manner of storytelling, she introduces us to the unseen world in a way that is believable as well as reassuring. The author's personality is engaging and her spiritual energy seeps through the pages to the reader. It is a great book for those just beginning their spiritual quest, as well as for those seasoned explorers wishing to reconnect with something enlivening and real. Go buy this book - then pass it on to a friend!

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Honest Talk

This is not a religous tome or a writing by some off-the-wall person who thinks she has psychic capabilities and can reach your long-lost loved ones and help you find 'closure'. This is touching history written in the honest, straightforward language only a true Southern grandmother knows how to use. Her experiences with "The Guys" are expressed as just that - her experiences. She is simply telling you what she knows. We should be grateful that the followed the wishes of "The Guys" and was willing to share this personal account with us.

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