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Yogababy : Exercises to Help You Bond With Your Baby Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually

by DeAnsin Goodson Parker Ph.D., DeAnsin Goodson Parker, Karen W. Bressler

Buy the book: DeAnsin Goodson Parker Ph.D.. Yogababy : Exercises to Help You Bond With Your Baby Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually

Release Date: 04 April, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: DeAnsin Goodson Parker Ph.D.. Yogababy : Exercises to Help You Bond With Your Baby Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually

A great time for Mom (or Dad) with the Baby

Before my husband comes home from work my daughter and I try out different yoga moves from this book. We started this when she was 3 months old (When I bought the book). Each time we have done this together it has been very pleasant. The book also describes ideal settings for the specific exercises. It promotes exercising the body and also your senses. It is relaxing for both you and the baby. Several of these same movements were recommended to me by my midwife. We have such a great time with this book. What a great way for mom to get "back" her body (after pregnancy) and for the baby to learn about and exercise his or her body.

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A Wonderful Concept.

YOGABABY by DeAnsin Goodson Parker, Ph.D. with Karen W. Bressler, Broadway Books, 2000.

This book and this concept will surely be an inspiration to many mothers and those hands on fathers who want to make sure their baby gets off to the best possible start. I have not seen anything like it before. It is especially valuable in light of the mounting research indicating that the quality of the mother's physical and emotional interaction with infants has profound, life long effects on the mental, emotional and physical development of the child.

Dr. Parker, a psychologist and psychoanalyst, realized the book was needed because of the response she recieved from the YogaBaby program she has offered for years at the Goodson Parker Wellness Center in New York City. This a truly innovative, psychologically insightful, beautifully written and illustrated work. Dr. Parker shows how to use both ancient and modern strategies including massage, stretching, exercises and purposeful playing in order to bring about a deeper bonding while nurturing and awakening eight 'centers' in the baby.

Although, the book focuses primarily on the first two years it is reasonable to expect the benefits will last a lifetime and would include but not be limited to the creation of special time and a high order of communication fostering more trust and confidence, stimulating the immune system, promoting better sleep (possibly for the mother as well), aiding in digestion and assimilation, stimulating body circulation, encouraging neuromuscular development, preparing the baby for mobility, calming the emotions, soothing the baby, teaching the baby a way to soothe itself.

Although, the book is dedicated to first time mothers, as the oldest of nine with twenty six grandchildren, nephews and nieces I feel it offers wonderful insights regardless of how many children the mother has had. Reading this book as a man I was reminded how sublime and inexpressibly incredible is our debt to mothers who make baby nurturing an art form of the highest order.

R. Adam Crane, president American BioTec Corp., founder Health Training Seminars, author of MindFitness Training: Neurofeedback and The Process.

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