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Pathways to a Radiant Self

by Kathy Pike

Buy the book: Kathy Pike. Pathways to a Radiant Self

Release Date: 15 August, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Kathy Pike. Pathways to a Radiant Self

Explore Yourself from the Inside Out

Kathy Pike's Pathways to a Radiant Self is an excellent workbook and guide for self-growth and development. It is an interactive book providing the reader with the basics of the Chakra system and how it applies to you. It is concise, clear and very easy to comprehend the teaching and the concepts of the 7 major energy centers in the body.

Kathy provides assessments to assist one in exploring the energy level in each chakra along with rich text to help us to understand the purpose of the energy in each chakra. She guides the reader on personal journey of self-exploration. Each chapter focuses on a different chakra, helping us to understand the essence of the energy center and includes charts to help the reader discover signs of imbalance and balance along with activities to explore and powerful questions to journal with. All of these activities support the reader in recognizing where their energy may be blocked and provides them with action steps to bring more awareness and vitality into their body allowing them to create and manifest exactly what they want in their life.

I continue to use Pathway's to a Radiant Self in all of Body Wisdom workshops and retreats. It is a wonderful tool and remarkable guide.

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It will change your life!

Using this workbook and the activities it offers has changed my life dramatically. In the past two years, I have gone through this book six or more times. Everytime I uncover another layer of lessons and changes to be made.

Using the model of the chakra system provides insights that are right on target when combined with by body's sensations as basic directional information. I have seen more abundance in my business, been able to work in the FLOW of life, achieved more balance, opened myself to deeper love and connections, spoken up and asked for what I want and need, and been able to remember my dreams and learn from them for the first time.

All these changes are a result of this material and working the activities Kathy Pike suggests to shift the individual chakra energy and open the system to more movement both up and down. I did not have to spend time and money to understand the issues or problems in my head. I simply noticed and understood my body and what it was telling me and began doing intentional activities which moved the energy.

If you do healing work and you need to understand the body part of that work, this book is the ticket.

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