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41. Energy Ecstasy and Your Seven Vital Shakras
by Bernard. Gunther

42. Enseñanzas con el Maestro
by Carlos Gonzalez

43. Exploring Chakras: Awaken Your Untapped Energy
by Susan G. Shumsky, K. S. Charak

44. Finding Your Sacred Contract (Unabridged)

45. Following Your Dreams
by Sarah Shapiro

46. Fundamentals of Spiritual Alchemy (Unabridged)

47. Healing Chakra: Light to Awaken My Soul (Book with CD & Booklet)
by Ilchi Lee

48. Healing the Split: Integrating Spirit into Our Understanding of the Mentally Ill (Suny Series in the Philosophy of Psychology)
by John E., M.D. Nelson, Ken Wilber, Michael Washburn

49. Healing the Split: Madness or Transcendence: A New Understanding of the Crisis and Treatment of the Mentally Ill
by John E. Nelson

50. Healing With Chakra Energy: Restoring the Natural Harmony of the Body
by Lilla Bek, Philippa Pullar

51. Healing With Color: The Experience of Aura-Soma
by Philippa Merivale, Phillipa Merivale, Michael Booth

52. Healing With the Energy of the Chakras (Healing Series)
by Ambika Wauters, Ambika Wauters

53. Healing Yoga: A Guide to Integrating the Chakras With Your Yoga Practice
by Ambikananda Saraswati, Laura Knox, Swami Ambikananda Saraswati, etc.

54. Homeopathic Color Remedies
by Ambika Wauters, Roger Savage

55. How to Meditate Using Chakras, Mantras, and Breath (with two CDs included)
by Dennis K., MD Chernin

56. Introduction to the chakras
by Peter Rendel

57. Journey into Consciousness: The Chakras, Tantra and Jungian Psychology
by Charles Breaux

58. Kundalini and the Chakras: A Practical Manual-Evolution in This Lifetime
by Genevieve Lewis Paulson

59. Kundalini Awakening : A Gentle Guide to Chakra Activation and Spiritual Growth
by Zachary Zelig, John Selby

60. Kundalini Rising: Mastering Creative Energies (School of Metaphysics, No 100147)
by Barbara Condron, Barbara Condron

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