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Chakra Therapy: For Personal Growth & Healing

by Keith Sherwood

Buy the book: Keith Sherwood. Chakra Therapy: For Personal Growth & Healing

Release Date: December, 1988

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Keith Sherwood. Chakra Therapy: For Personal Growth & Healing

Not For The Seeker

Before taking my review to heart, please read the other reviews posted here on Amazon.com. "Jim_Young" really enjoyed it, and seems to have gotten a lot out of it. Here's my take:

Because I was raised in a devoutly Christian home, I developed a great "understanding" of spirituality and religious doctrine. At the age of 14, I left the church, feeling that people's personal opinions and blind faith were far too much of the church's foundation. Now an adult, I'm returning to my spiritual roots, but not through the church.

I believe very strongly in people's ability to become aware of, and work with, their energy field. For this reason, I enjoy reading about chakras and meditations for healing and working with them.

I bought this book in a local book store and immediately dove in, hoping to find a personal connection with the author, and a few new exercises for the chakras. What I found was more than half the book dedicated to Keith Sherwood's spiritual quest, and not much at all about how a person can find their own spiritual center. At one point in Keith's life, he was a Pentecostal preacher... but left the church, feeling unfulfilled. To me, this was a warning. He has been in a position of spiritual leadership for some time, yet doesn't seem to have come to terms with his own spiritual destiny. He takes little pieces of many different religions and infuses them into his own. I think that many true seekers of spirituality do the same thing, and I don't have a problem with it, in and of itself. I do have a problem with those people claiming that their perspective is then the true way.

In summary, this book is better read as a spiritualists autobiography than as a guide for meditation and "Chakra Therapy," as the name strongly implies. That being said, proceed at your own discretion.

From Amazon.com

An essential guide for healers.

Now in its twelfth printing, Chakra Therapy, by Keith Sherwood, has proved itself as an essential guide for healers everywhere. Sherwood, a former minister, has trained with masters the world over and made the study of healing and human energy his life's work. He now teaches "a synthesis of Western therapeutic techniques, Taoist Yoga, and Tantra." Sherwood says that "human problems on all levels of causation--spiritual, mental, emotional and physical--are caused by contraction, the inability to radiate energy freely due to blockages in the human energy system." His book is designed to teach people how to release those blockages and fully utilize all the body's energy to heal themselves. He first presents a general discussion of the human energy system, and the ways in which it becomes blocked or fragmented. Sherwood maintains that most blockages are rooted in fear, and that the only effective way of overcoming fear is to confront it. Doing this requires honesty and courage. He says that "honesty is the willingness to see things as they truly are, not as you would like them to be. Courage is the willingness to accept what you see." Neither of these are easy, and he devotes a whole chapter to "becoming fearless." Following a chapter on the physical body, Sherwood then defines and discusses the role of the subtle bodies: the astral body, the mental body, and the causal body in energy therapy. Humans have seven primary chakras, which are energy centers located along the spine and head. Sherwood points out that the chakras must "all be open and in balance if a person is to experience wholeness and unconditional joy." The chakras in most people are blocked and unbalanced. The second half of the book contains a full description of the role of each chakra and how it can become blocked, followed by meditations and exercises for unblocking and clearing the chakra. He also includes several exercises designed to facilitate the flow of energy throughout the whole body. Sherwood promises that Chakra Therapy will help you "learn how to heal yourself by healing your energy system . . . because it is energy in its myriad forms which determines a person's physical health, emotional health, mental health and level of consciousness." Readers will find that he keeps his promise.

Nancy Lorraine, Reviewer

From Amazon.com

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