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Aura Glasses : You Can See Auras

by Wendy Lambert, Wendy L Lambert

Buy the book: Wendy Lambert. Aura Glasses : You Can See Auras

Release Date: 01 June, 1996

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Wendy Lambert. Aura Glasses : You Can See Auras

Really great success with this product

I have been able to see auras for some time but use of these glasses with a friend gave me great results. I had heard that there are several layers to the aura.... a layer for each chakra and I was able to tune into what I believe is the 5th layer, which makes everything look like a black and white negative. According to Barbra Brennan's book Hands of Light, this is the layer that past lives of a person are revealed through. I saw face after face superimposed over the face of the person whose aura I was looking at through the glasses. The glasses serve to deepen one's aura viewing ability if you are willing to put in some effort. It is not an overnight skill, unless you are rather well developed in a psychic way.

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Not much of an Aura

The booklet is really small and there isn't much instructions. I can tell you that what you will be seeing is just an energy field around a person. Not the actual Aura though. I am able to see Auras 2 years ago (without the help of anybook), and wanted to teach others what Auras look like, so I had purchased this book just to check it out. To my disappointment, you would see only the etheric aura and not the shell - besides that you wouldn't be able to see the colors - just plain energy field. I'm using the traditional way to teach others how to view Auras. Training the peripheral vision, then the viewing. But all this takes practice, practice, and practice. The book is not worth it, since its so small. Just think of it as buying the glasses, though the price isn't quite right for inexpensive paper glasses.

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