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Chakra Healing

by Sarah Shapiro

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Release Date: 01 October, 1997

Edition: Audio Cassette


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Buy the book: Sarah Shapiro. Chakra Healing

Chakras for Beginners

'Chakra Healing' by Sarah Shapiro is a guided meditation of the seven chakras, focusing on both physical and emotional healing. Each side of the tape contains the same 20-minute meditation, accompanied by different music.

I recently became interested in learning about chakras, and listening to the tape leaves me feeling soothed and tranquil. Sometimes the physical healing aspects seem a little specific, however; I have difficulty envisioning some of the bodily organs named, much less picturing them cleansed by chakra light. Struggling to conjure up my pineal gland, for example, sometimes pulls me right out of the meditation.

The affirmations are great, however, and overall I do feel that the tape has a positive influence on me. For those just learning about chakras, though, I would recommend buying a book that explains the chakra system, in addition to this tape.

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Chakra Healing Tape Soothes Frayed Nerves

I found Sarah Shapiro's Chakra Healing audio tape to be a great antidote to the everyday stresses of life. The pace of the exercise is excellent, Ms. Shapiro's voice is pleasant and soothing and the music is well suited to her words. All in all I find it to be a very effective and professional production which I enjoy using regularly.

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