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Capturing the Aura : Integrating Science, Technology and Metaphysics

by C. E. Lindgren, D. Litt

Buy the book: C. E. Lindgren. Capturing the Aura : Integrating Science, Technology and Metaphysics

Release Date: June, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: C. E. Lindgren. Capturing the Aura : Integrating Science, Technology and Metaphysics

"Capturing the Aura", a work of art.

Bravo! This book is perhaps the most important work on auras to date. The book contains the works of leading scientists, educators, and psi researchers. According to the book's introduction: "You are not alone... As you will see, perhaps feel, through this book, many people (i.e. scientists, inventors, scholars, and lay individuals) already spend considerable time exploring consciousness through different avenues. Using skills, talents, and innovative technology, these dedicated "searchers" explore the correlation between personal and collective consciousness and diverse phenomena such as quantum physics, wormholes, multi-dimensions, chakra sounds, electronics, and metaphysics. Often, initially motivated by curiosity, these individuals soon turn their avocations into lifelong passions. At a time in history when the world is overshadowed by wars, natural disasters, and uncertainty, the sun continues shining for everyone who dares go beyond the visual linearity of mundane situations and accepts the potentiality that Creation is motivated by Love and a supreme universal intelligence. This intelligence is part of mankind, as mankind is a part of the God energy and auric fields of the Cosmos. This work offers an opportunity for the reader to become a part of something bigger and more perfect than he/she could ever imagine - a world, a dimension, and universe intermingled with energy fields, magnetic forces, and unimaginable electromagnetic vibrations of light and sound. Capturing the Aura will introduce you into a new Era where humans are invited to use their creativity, love, passion, and mental ability constructively in making a better world from themselves and humanity as a whole. Let us, therefore, keep an open mind and heart in sharing a vision of a better potentiality. A potentiality which we each must activate through the reading of our Cosmic blueprint - life itself.

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Mapping the Human Aura

Contributing author Julia Melges Jablonski writes in CAPTURING THE AURA, "Traditional science typically stands at the edge of the known world and tries to move into new territory using 'maps' of the already-conquered territory as guides. This scientific approach tends to blind them to the potential scope of the vast unknown territory ahead. Non-traditional researchers, inventors, and thinkers, on the other hand, tend to use a 'plane' to fly into the wilderness and then work their way back, and in the process, they create the maps for the less daring to follow after them."

Our knowledge of the human aura, subtle energy bodies, nadis, chakras, and acupuncture meridians has historically resided primarily with those guides we entrust to inform us: energy healers, shamans, lightworkers, mystics, priests, and others. Only in relatively recent years has modern-day technology allowed everyday people to begin to view the aura in much the same way that these spiritual masters have been seeing it for years. CAPTURING THE AURA describes a variety of imaging techniques, such as kirlian photography, full-body imaging, and interactive imaging, as well as providing useful information about auric sight, breath techniques, qi, and the emotions that accompany various auric colors.

What I love most about CAPTURING THE AURA is the way the contributing authors each share their own areas of experience after they've "flown their planes into the wilderness and worked their way back" -- thereby providing readers with invaluable maps we can put together into a bigger picture. This book contains one of the best compilations of modern-day knowledge concerning seeing and understanding the human aura with contributions from: C.E. Lindgren, Blythe Arakawa, Jacques Beauchamp, Robert Bruce, Fritjof Capra, Guy Coggins, Ruby K. Corder, Janice Dye, Gerald Owen Grow, Arnold Keyserling, Ralph Losey, William T. McClellan, Rosalee Elizabeth McCurdy, Susana Madden, Andrine Morse, Buryl Payne, Margo von Phul, Chip Weston, and Richard Bernard Wigley.

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