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The Sacred Circle Tarot: A Celtic Pagan Journey

by Paul Mason, Anna Franklin

Buy the book: Paul Mason. The Sacred Circle Tarot: A Celtic Pagan Journey

Release Date: November, 1998

Edition: Misc. Supplies


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Buy the book: Paul Mason. The Sacred Circle Tarot: A Celtic Pagan Journey

Excellent Deck

I have been using this deck for a year and a half now. The only obstacle I can see with using this deck is the backs of the cards showing whether it will be reversed or not. (Some people have had a slight problem with the size of the cards-but you get used to it in no time.) I just make it a point to not look at them when I am mixing them up so that it will not affect me. Otherwise, the imagery is beautiful-I love the way it has incorporated actual places with the images of the Tarot. Even though some of the meanings and cards are different, it's all in the way you feel when you see them more than what the book says anyway. Great book with lots of information and history. I love it!

From Amazon.com

Beautiful deck...but not for beginners.

I am a Tarot beginner. I purchased this as my first deck and, to be completely honest, the reason for my choice was that I saw images from the deck on aeclectic.net and thought that the cards were "pretty."

I love the deck for a lot of reasons. The artwork is beautiful (though the photography doesn't blend well with the computer-gen art on several of the cards). The cards are large, so the details and symbolism are not lost. The choice of landscapes and plantlife depicted on the cards is always appropriate and, well, just lovely in general.

What I do NOT like about this deck is the book. This is not a deck geared to beginners and, though it has its merits, the book is confusing at times. The deck is not a traditional tarot deck, and several broad liberties have been taken in renaming and redefining parts of the Major Arcana. Only the barest descriptions and explanations of spreads are given (though quite a few are shown). More time is spent on the meditative qualities of the cards than on their use and/or meaning in divination. The divination paragraphs regarding each card are often wordy and full of "fluff" that goes with the lore and symbolism that the author put into the imagery. There is no discussion of the placement of different cards in the spread or the relationships between cards. In short, it is a book written with the idea that its reader will already know quite a bit about Tarot.

This deck is nicely done. I've truly enjoyed it. I feel connected to the deck, and I'm glad it was my first choice. My advice, however, to any other beginners, is that you start elsewhere (like the Rider deck which has SO many books and tutorials written about it) before diving into a "different" deck like this one.

From Amazon.com

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