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The Inner Landscape (Wisdom from the Celtic World)

by John O. Donohue, John O'Donohue

Buy the book: John O. Donohue. The Inner Landscape (Wisdom from the Celtic World)

Release Date: July, 1997

Edition: Audio Cassette


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Buy the book: John O. Donohue. The Inner Landscape (Wisdom from the Celtic World)

More Wonderful O'Donohue

I already have a deep appreciation of O'Donohue's work and was once again lifted in spirit by this great poet/thinker. I agree with the previous review in that after one side of the tape you will be a fan of O'Donohue. However, some might find Anam Cara a better introduction to this most gentle of souls.

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interesting and thought provoking

I had heard so much about O'Donohue from friends that I was a bit afraid to listen to this tape (the first work of his I've read/heard), for fear he wouldn't live up to his billing. And I have to confess that it took me awhile to get over his self-conscious Irish brogue--yes, I do realize that he IS Irish, but especially since his accent occasionally disappears, the skeptic in me has to wonder if he's not taking advantage of the current Yankee fascination with all things Irish and Scottish by broadening his brogue as much as possible at strategic moments. But by the end of the first side of the first tape, he had won me over. He has a wonderful, gentle way of enlarging one's vision, getting you to look up and away from endless therapy-induced navel gazing, to acknowledge the wonder of simply existing on this planet. It's a good reminder for anyone who is healing from a deep wound. (and of course there's far more to what he says than that simple synopsis). I highly recommend this tape to anyone who is healing (from anything); I'd guess it wouldn't make much sense to someone who isn't.

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