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The Little Book of Celtic Blessings (Element's Little Book)

by Caitlin Matthews, Ceitlin Matthews

Buy the book: Caitlin Matthews. The Little Book of Celtic Blessings (Element's Little Book)

Release Date: December, 1994

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Caitlin Matthews. The Little Book of Celtic Blessings (Element's Little Book)

A book for all occassions.

I have found this to be an invaluable present to give to friends and family who have reached a milestone in their lives (like reaching 80) or who have been extremely ill or about to die. I'm always at a loss of something suitable to give at these times - and really there's so much comfort in these sayings. Wrap it in gold paper and give to someone special. It's difficult to get hold of, but worth it. I've yet to read the little book of celtic proverbs - may be similar and easier to get hold of.

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At last, a prayer book for the rest of us...

This little book mixes Pagan and Catholic thought as freely as it is found in its native Ireland, and presents it in a beautiful little format just like the little books the Anglicans used to put out... only this is not for Saxons but for Celts, wherever they are. There is a blessing here for everything, from birth, through marriages and other happy times, to life's inevitable strife, to those given for those who have passed. This can also safely be displayed on your coffee table where your strait-laced Baptist grandmother can see it; there is nothing here that will offend her, but we know what it means.

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