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The Celtic Year

by Shirley Toulson

Buy the book: Shirley Toulson. The Celtic Year

Release Date: August, 1993

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Shirley Toulson. The Celtic Year

Through the year with the Celts

The author notes that if you don't pick up this book in November, then you should not start at the beginning....start where ever you are in the calendar. Her purpose in writing this book is to "help the reader become more aware of times and seasons." (ix) One of the important things about Celtic spirituality (and the reason so many people are embracing it) is that the Celts, unlike others in the "Western" world, saw the goodness of God in all His creation. They lived in the world and they loved it. So Shirley Toulson takes us through the year as the Celts lived it, celebrating their saints from the great three of Columba, Patrick, and Brigit to the more obscure, the great seasonal feasts--holidays--such as Beltain and Samhain, and of course the holy days as well. Well illustrated, containing maps to many of the holy places (of which the Celtic lands have so many), and lots of literary excerpts, poems, and prayers, this is a book to enjoy year after year. Organized by month and season rather than day, as the Celts lived and we should too, this is a book to keep close and consult often.

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