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The Celtic Tradition ("Elements of ... " Series)

by Caitlin Matthews

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Release Date: January, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Caitlin Matthews. The Celtic Tradition (

A Great Book by a Great Author

I bought this book after having worked with the Arthurian Tarot for a while. I was intrigued at the links between Arthurian myth & celtic myth that the deck pointed at, so I bought this book to explore this idea.

I have since read lots of other books on the subject by varying authors, but still find this book a fascinating read. It is by no means an in depth exploration of the culture, but a consideration of the prime structures, and the way they realte to our modern world, including some exercises to bring them into our own lives.

It is in this book that I first encountered the Ogham, which eventually led me to adopt it as a divination technique. It is also through this book that a whole world of spirituality opened up to me.

The book covers an understanding of the view of the world, the Gods & Goddesses that inhabited it, the relation of the King to the land (which gives great insight into the nature of King Arthur, and also our relation to our land), the druids & their area of influence, the Otherworld & its inhabitants, the nature of heroes (again giving insight into our own attitudes), the turning of the year (which as a pagan is of prime importance to me), and finally the place of Celtci magic in the world of today.

This book can be seen as a springboard into an understanding of the Celtic world, and I feel it is one of the best introductory texts on the subject of Celtic tradition.

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Well researched basics

If you are new to Celtic studies and wary of the plethora if misinformation on the subject as presented by many Pagan authors then this is a must for your library. The book is short and to the point, making it an excellent introduction and quick reference.

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