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201. Sea-Road of the Saints: Celtic Holy Men in the Hebrides
by John Marsden

202. Seven Secrets of the Celtic Spirit: A Journey to the Soul of Ireland
by William John Fitzgerald

203. Sir Gawain: Knight of the Goddess
by John Matthews

204. Songs to Her God: Spirituality of Ann Griffiths
by A.M. Allchin

205. Soulfaring: Celtic Pilgrimages Then and Now
by Cintra Pemberton

206. Sounds of the Eternal: A Celtic Psalter
by J. Philip Newell

207. Stories of the Celtic Soul Friends: Their Meaning for Today
by Edward C. Sellner

208. Studies in the Cult of Saint Columba
by C. Bourke

209. Studies in the Cult of Saint Columba
by Cormac Bourke, C. Bourke

210. Studies on the Legend of the Holy Grail: With Especial Reference to the Hypothesis of Its Celtic Origin
by Alfred Nutt

211. Sun Dancing: Life in a medieval Irish monastery and how Celtic spirituality influenced the world
by Geoffrey Moorhouse

212. Symbol and Image in Celtic Religious Art
by Miranda Green

213. Symbolism of the Celtic Cross
by Derek Bryce

214. Symbols of the Celts
by Sabine Heinz