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Praying With the Celtic Saints: Companions for the Journey

by Mary C. Earle, Sylvia Maddox

Buy the book: Mary C. Earle. Praying With the Celtic Saints: Companions for the Journey

Release Date: September, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Mary C. Earle. Praying With the Celtic Saints: Companions for the Journey

Historic Spirituality

This book is first and foremost a book of prayer and reflection, and an excellent one at that. But it also presents an intriguing glimpse into the historic development of spirituality among the Celtic peoples. Most of the saints depicted in the book were from Ireland or Wales, places whose history is famous not for conqueror generals or warrior kings, but for scholars and poets and saints. Here they are, with their spirituality rooted in time and place. Such context I think is important, for the essence of spirituality is a relationship between the mortal and the Divine. While offering a superb compilation of prayer and meditation, the authors also do a grand job of portraying that relationship within the Celtic culture.

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Spiritual Companions

Praying with the Celtic Saints is a wonderful introduction to Celtic Spirituality. It is an outstanding book for both those who desire to learn about Celtic Spirituality and for seekers who wish to have some lively companions on the journey. The Celtic Christian heritage is so rich and vibrant and has much to offer modern day travelers on the Journey.

We all need guides in the faith, those who have gone before us and can help us learn how to live with authenticity and true devotion. The Celtic saints come to life in this book and teach us what it means to be a Christian. This translates into witnessing a lived faith from not only the past, but one that can provide hope, joy, and inpiration for us today. These saints become dear friends and teachers in the pages of this book.

I am grateful for having come to know these men and women through this book - they make a difference in my life as a fellow pilgrim!

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