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by Paul Mason, Anna Franklin

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Release Date: 01 June, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Paul Mason. Lammas

A strong addition to the "Sabbat" series by Llewellyn

When discussing the sabbats, most pagan and wiccan books reserve only a few paragraphs to the various cellebrations, and most specific titles devote most of their time to Yule or Samhain/Hallowe'en. Lammas often gets a paragraph or two at best, and no real descriptive text giving you even a starting point on cellebrating the sabbat. Having taken a timid step toward the Sabbat series of books by Llewellyn with "Yule," and "Hallowe'en," I snapped up a copy of "Lammas" in time for my celebration in August, and read it cover to cover.

Much like Morrison's worldly take in "Yule," Franklin and Mason have penned a book that is a blend of various pagan and celtic folklore and world harvest celebrations. From Lugh to fashioning corn maidens, to specific Lughnasa magics, and rounding it all up with a cookbook perfect for any first harvest spread, the book was quite full of ways to craft a more serious Lammas cellebration, and had just the right mix of inspiration and lore to make it more than a glorified arts and crafts book for your New Age shelf. I cannot say enough about the folklore aspect of this book: there is so much here that helps bring a real focus to your Lammas cellebration.

Definitely more useful and in depth than Ravenwolf's "Hallowe'en" (the weakest of the series so far), "Lammas" will find a welcome home in the hands of beginner and more experienced pagans and wiccans alike.


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Definately *not* "Pagan Lite"!

As a matter of fact, this is one of the most scholarly books in this series, by English Traditional Witch, Anna Franklin. It goes into leangth in researching the Celtic God, Lugh, for whom this Sabbath is dedicated. Using many historical sources & very olde poetry which gives new & fascinating insight into the myths & lore which surround not only Lughnasadhe, but thisn Celtic God. As well as some very obscure folk lore surrounding it, as well. And, any book which deals with the sabbaths really ought to contain recipes, crafts & games, etc. As, there were a part of our ancestors feastivities back in the day. And, I believe that the SERIOUS STUDENT *will* find that it is quite in depth & informative. Even showing links that Lugh has connections with other Sky/Lightning Gods accrossed the ocean & via several written sources, etc. So, I believe that the previous "review" was not very well informed, as it does not appear they have read the book. Especially the historic & scholarly content, nearer the front.

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