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Glamoury: Magic of the Celtic Green World (Llewellyn's Celtic Wisdom Series)

by Steve Blamires

Buy the book: Steve Blamires. Glamoury: Magic of the Celtic Green World (Llewellyn's Celtic Wisdom Series)

Release Date: December, 1995

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Steve Blamires. Glamoury: Magic of the Celtic Green World (Llewellyn's Celtic Wisdom Series)

a very beautiful book

Some reviewers have made some ill-informed, yet critical, comments how this book is about wicca rather than authentic druidry, and then how it doesn't kow tow to the feminist wiccan agenda. I am writing as an initiate in a traditional British Druid society. It must be understood that what is known of the old Druid practices is somewhat sparse; Druidry was subjected to corrosive forces for more than 2000 years. While there are some significant differences between them, there are distinct parallels between the Druid traditions and what is now called Wicca. It must be understood that Druidry evolved over many millenia, and that it changed its focus more than once. It was never something fixed, uniform and stable. Too many people want to think of it as being something that was immutable. Well, it ain't so; to think like that is sentimental and smacks of a nostalgia for something that never was. Among other things, there was a major change in the general Druid tradition at about the 6th century BC. It also must be understood that there were many variants of Druidry, as there were many tribes and many royal lineages. Druidry at one time was the spiritual culture of Gaul, Britain, Ireland, the Isle of Man and Scotland. In these lands, different languages were spoke and different gods and goddesses were recognised. To criticise Blamires' book on the basis that it isn't real Druidry therefore is sheer nonsense. Blamires' books are excellent. His exercises give the sincere readers wonderful opportunities to develope their inner world. Perhaps he will have learned something from the rather arrogant and ignorant criticisms of some of his readers and write a book containing exercises for the elimination of self-importance. For all those who love the Irish culture and Druidry, Blamires' books are not to be overlooked.

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Not a favourite

While information is thorough and sound, I found it rather interesting that Mr. Blamires had nothing good to say about any of the female deities. I am not a dianic or feminist witch - I worship both the Goddess and the God. However, I was slightly offended at the way in which he treated the Goddess in this book. Perhaps Mr. Blamires did not mean it to come across that way, but his book is the least favourite in my library. There is nothing in this book that you cannot find in another book dealing with celtic culture, religion and magick.

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