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Holy Ground: Celtic Christian Spirituality

by Deborah K. Cronin

Buy the book: Deborah K. Cronin. Holy Ground: Celtic Christian Spirituality

Release Date: April, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Deborah K. Cronin. Holy Ground: Celtic Christian Spirituality

An invitation -

Dr. Cronin has woven Celtic legends, historical accounts, cultural traditions and rituals, poetry and her personal resonance with the spirituality of the Celts into a book which challenged me to ponder my own view of creation and my relationship with the God of creation. Through factual and mythical stories, she piqued my awareness of Christian spirituality evidenced and experienced in the natural world. This work is neither a dry, factual text, nor a maudlin excursion into sentimentality. Rather, an invitation to peer into the well of Celtic spirituality and find myself refelcted there. A weaving as intricate as the Celtic designs which decorate the pages.

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Such Potential, Such Disappointment

Anticipated reading a good book that would provide greater insights into the beliefs of the people generically referred to as Celtic. Instead, I discovered a book that offered no real new insights into the life of the Celts. Rather, I found a book that mixed a personal pilgrimage with rudimentary insights. Scholarly, the book left this reader longing for something far more than that contained within the covers of the book. For those readers who desire a "romantic" view of the Celtic people, the book may prove rewarding. However, if one earnestly desires to learn more about the practices and lives of the Celts, I would recommend turning to a different author. (Oliver Davies' work is among the best!)

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