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Druid Shaman Priest: Metaphors of Celtic Paganism

by Leslie Ellen Jones

Buy the book: Leslie Ellen Jones. Druid Shaman Priest: Metaphors of Celtic Paganism

Release Date: July, 1998

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Leslie Ellen Jones. Druid Shaman Priest: Metaphors of Celtic Paganism

Now available inexpensive paperback edition !

Published December 2002 from Open Road Publishing. I don't see it at amazon.com but the sister site amazon.uk has it now in 2003. Scholarly, truthful, and fun to read. The Druids, as best we can now know what they were like, were probably feared at least as much as they were loved by their faithful followers. *****

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I agree with the previous reviewer, that the publisher of this book should put it out in paperback form, making it more accessible to the public. A more eye-catching cover would help, as well. This book is NOT full of fuzzy-bunny Llewellyn-style garbage. It is a scholarly treatise on druidry and "Celtic shamanism" and how much we truly do and don't know about these subjects. One of the reasons this book needs to really hit the New Age market is because these subjects are almost exclusively written by psuedo-scholars such as John & Caitlin Matthews, D. J. Conway, Philip Carr-Gomm & Tom Cowan. These people are "selling" you THEIR homogenized version of what druidry and "Celtic shamanism" is/was. The public at large is being tricked into accepting false information because no one knows about books such as "Druid Shaman Priest", which is the result of true scholarly research. Ms. Jones has a wonderful sense of humour and her rather scathing critique of the Matthews' work is right on target and very eye opening to people who think the Matthews are the King & Queen of Celtia.

For the real deal, get this book!

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