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Daily Readings from Prayers and Praises in the Celtic Tradition

by Esther De Waal, Publishing Templegate, A. M. Allchin

Buy the book: Esther De Waal. Daily Readings from Prayers and Praises in the Celtic Tradition

Release Date: February, 1992

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Esther De Waal. Daily Readings from Prayers and Praises in the Celtic Tradition

Celtic Praise in Coptic Spirituality

Thirty readings from Celtic tradition:
These celestial praises, thirty of them, drew my attention to a fameous adaptation in the book of Proverbs;" Have I not written for you thirty sayings of admonition and knowledge?" Prov. 22:20 The original Amenmope contained thirty 'houses' or chapters(footnote of the Harper Collins Study Bible, NRSV).
In addition Allchin and Esther de Waal brought us with these sixty passages arranged in pairs, inspiring prayers and praises seventeen beautiful illustration from Carmina Cadelica illustrative notes of words.

Journey without end:
"Thy beauty will be ever new , ever freshly kindling a fire, through all the ages of eternity, evermore without fail; a fervent flame without end." Chapter(XXVIII)
This delightfully inspiring book of Celtic spiritual heritage very gracefully presented as a toast in honour of which the reader can raise his glass and drink extacts from Irish, scottish, and Welsh meditation.

Adorable sacred writings:

These 30 Gaelic praises of Irish or Scottish tradition on the left hand page are paired with 30 text of Welsh tradition on the right hand page. In the same way* that Copts chant their praise and psalms, in 'quarters' from two Choirs, North and South. I hope you enjoy this slim but penetrating daily companion, which could be your introduction to the daily reading series, and de Waal's meditation garden.

* for Coptic influence on Celtic tradition read;coptic missionary enterprise , in History of Eastern Christianity, by Aziz S. Atiya, U . of Notre dame Press.

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