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81. Celtic Prayers to Guard and Guide You
by Lois Rock, Amanda Hall

82. Celtic Quest
by Robert Weston

83. Celtic Quest: A Healing Journey for Irish Catholics
by Timothy J. Joyce

84. Celtic Reflections
by Angela Madden

85. Celtic Religion in Pre-Christian Times (1906)
by Edward Anwyl

86. Celtic Religion in Roman Britain
by Graham Webster

87. Celtic Researches on the Origin, Tradition and Language of the Ancient Britons (1804)
by Edward Davies

88. Celtic Rituals: An Authentic Guide to Ancient Celtic Spirituality
by Alexi Kondratiev, Alexei Kondratiev

89. Celtic Sacred Landscapes
by Nigel Pennick

90. Celtic Sacrifice: Pre Christian Ritual and Religion
by Marion K. Pearce

91. Celtic Saints
by Martin Wallace, Ann MacDuff

92. Celtic Saints in Their Landscape
by Elizabeth Rees

93. Celtic Saints: Passionate Wanderers
by Margaret Rees, Elizabeth Rees

94. Celtic Sexuality: Power, Paradigms and Passion
by Peter Cherici

95. Celtic Spiritual Verse: Poems of the Western Highlanders from the Gaelic
by G. R. D. McLean

96. Celtic Spirituality (Classics of Western Spirituality (Paper))
by Thomas O'Loughlin, Oliver Davies

97. Celtic Tales of the Strange
by Joanne Asala, Marlene Ekman, Marlene Elkman

98. Celtic Theology: Humanity, World and God in Early Irish Writings
by Thomas O'Loughlin

99. Celtic Threads: Exploring the Wisdom of Our Heritage
by Padraigin Clancy

100. Celtic totem animals
by Lorraine McDonald

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