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Celtic Myths and Legends

by T. W. Rolleston

Buy the book: T. W. Rolleston. Celtic Myths and Legends

Release Date: 01 November, 1990

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: T. W. Rolleston. Celtic Myths and Legends

Essential Text for studying Celtic Culture

This book, written about 1911 and reproduced many times, is an important historical and mostly complete view of the Celtic people, their culture, legends, religion, and relation to their influence on the development of western civilisation. However, this is not a book for light reading or for those with limited reading capability. It was written in the scholastic style, prevalant at the time. It is somewhat like a textbook, and was probably intended for collegiate or theological education. What makes this book important to anyone wishing to learn about the Celtic peoples, is the very accurate depiction of the myths and characters that comprise the Celtic pantheon. It not only depicts the mythology, but a very accurate depiction of the historical and cultural development of the Celts throughout Europe. It is well suited to individuals engaged in learning about pagan beliefs, or undergoing study of Celtic mystical belief systems for their spiritual development. Serious readers should not be inhibited from completion of this book, due to it's somewhat difficult and scholastic prose. If you want to learn all the necessary legends that influenced the development of modern Irish, Welsh, Scottish, and (partially) British culture, this book is an essential addition to your library. For more specific information on Celtic witchcraft, Druidic lifestyle, or current adaptations of Celtic paganism, more modern and specific texts would be needed for further study.

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nothing very original, but a good collection of works

The story style, written at the turn of the century will make it dull reading for some, but to people looking for the myths of the Celtics this is a good starting place. One of Dover Editions, it has 76 illustrations and woodcuttings helping support the stories. Now of the works are very original, no fresh look at the lore and its meaning, as I did with artist Carmon Deyo in the THREE FACES OF THE GODDESS, my essays and Carmon's paintings, which has won awards and approval for the new look at lore. But they are a basic foundation of tales and for someone looking to start learning about the Celtics lore and myths, it is a very good starting point. It covers the religion of the Celts, the cycle of the Irish Invasions, the Early Melesian Kings, The Ultorian Cycle, the Ossianic Cycle and the Fianna and the Isle of Women Warriors.

Highly recommended for those beginning the journey.

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