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Celtic Prayers

by Robert Van de Weyer

Buy the book: Robert Van de Weyer. Celtic Prayers

Release Date: May, 1997

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Robert Van de Weyer. Celtic Prayers

Enhance Your Prayer Life

The beautifully illustrated "Celtic Prayers" is one of Robert van de Weyer's ventures into the world of Celtic spirituality. Reflecting the Celtic fusion of religion and life, this anthology is arranged in four parts, each with two chapters. The first part contains prayers about heaven and earth, sea and sky. The second, day and night, animals and birds. The third, mind and soul, guidance and safety. And the fourth, wealth and poverty, life and death.

The authors of these prayers and poems are obscure. Van de Weyer speculates that some may have been written by Patrick himself, Brigid, Columba, Kevin, Mungo, Aidan, and David, but goes no farther than attributing their preservation to nineteenth century scholars who visited remote regions of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Cornwall, where the old Celtic languages were still spoken.

My favorite is the prayer on "Self-Deception." The world would be a better place if we all heeded its call to "be as honest with ourselves as we are with others."

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Many profound thoughts on religion and nature.

Illustrated with designs from the Book of Kells and other Celtic and Irish designs, the prayers reflect a profound view of nature and life. I strongly recommend this to pastors or lay people with any interest in Celtic culture, or even just to working in the church.

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