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Celtic Gods, Celtic Goddesses

by R. J. Stewart, Miranda Gray, Courtney Davis

Buy the book: R. J. Stewart. Celtic Gods, Celtic Goddesses

Release Date: March, 1991

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: R. J. Stewart. Celtic Gods, Celtic Goddesses

Celtic Gods and, er, ah, other Gods and Heros

The art is pretty and the section on Celtic Gods is fairly good for those it covers. However Mr. Stewart seems unable to see Goddesses as deities in their own right. He relegates Celtic Goddesses to the role of appendage to various Gods and (male) heros including none Celtic ones. There are many good books, read this one only is you have time to waste in the dentist's office.

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Beauty in Abundance

It's not the most complete tome on Celtic mythology, but it just might be the most beautiful! How could anyone look at these illustrations and not come away feeling enriched? Reviewers who have been hard on this book seem to think it walks the fence between historical record and whimsy. I submit that any study of the ancient Celts must do exactly that. The Celts remain something of an enigma because of their lack of written history. And the same people who gave us a deep and abiding love of nature and reverence for all things female were also known to lop off a few heads when angered. Let's take the best of what an ancient society had to offer and leave the brutal rest to the "scientists." This book makes a splendid introduction for the uninitiated. The worst thing a newcomer to Celtic spirituality could do would be to crack open a heavy-handed archaeological study or how-to for druidic practitioners. I can think of no gentler introduction to Celtic mythology than this one. Readers might not come away with an in-depth understanding of the subject, but they will almost certainly come away with a new love for an ancient way of thinking and a drive to seek out further discoveries. The FACTS surrounding the ancients will forever remain elusive, but the FEELING is within these pages. Feel and enjoy.

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