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Celtic Christianity (The "Elements Of..." Series)

by Anthony Duncan

Buy the book: Anthony Duncan. Celtic Christianity (The

Release Date: October, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Anthony Duncan. Celtic Christianity (The

Excellent summation of Celtic Christianity

So many web definitions and recent books on celtic spirituality and christianity have so much fluff and confusion.

This book is well written, let's you know what the author thinks and who disagrees with him.

great for anyone interested in celtic spirituality

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Concise, Poignant & Almost Academic

Duncan's presentation is fast paced and to the point. It mixes academic research with some clearly identified personal opinions. The main thrust of the book is that St. Augustine is responsible for forcing the Romanization of the Church in Celtic lands. His influence carried over into the reformation -- Luther was an Augustinian monk. Duncan claims that Augustine's renounciation of human sexuality was the result of his attempts to deal with his personal demons, including the putting away of his concubine. Duncan, an Anglican priest, is understanding of Augustine and tries not to portray the 'Doctor of the Church' as a villian, but as a human.

Personally, I found this book answered many of my questions about the Celtic Church. It presents the issues and history of the Celtic Church in a context that is, in my opinion, fair and not idealistic or 'a romantic faery tale'. It is for the serious reader and has a theological tone.

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