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41. Celtic Christianity (The "Elements Of..." Series)
by Anthony Duncan

42. Celtic Christianity and Nature
by Mary Low

43. Celtic Christianity and Nature: Early Irish and Hebridean Traditions
by Mary Low, Mary Low, Mary Low

44. Celtic Christianity in Early Medieval: The Origins of the Welsh Spiritual Tradition
by Oliver Davies

45. Celtic Christianity Yesterday, Today and for the Future: Gleaning Wisdom from the Primitive Protestants
by Paul D. J. Arblaster

46. Celtic Christianity: A Sacred Tradition, a Vision of Hope
by Timothy J. Joyce

47. Celtic Christianity: Ecology and Holiness
by Wil Marsh, Christopher Bamford, William Parker Marsh

48. Celtic Christianity: Making Myths and Chasing Dreams
by Ian C. Bradley

49. Celtic Cross
by Tammy Doherty

50. Celtic Cross: Croes Celtaidd
by Derek Bryce, Derek Bryce

51. Celtic Daily Prayer: A Northumbrian Office
by Andy Raine, John Skinner

52. Celtic Daily Prayer: Prayers and Readings From the Northumbria Community
by The Northumbria Community

53. Celtic Dawn
by Peter Beresford Ellis

54. Celtic Fire : The Passionate Religious Vision of Ancient Britain and Ireland
by Robert Van De Weyer

55. Celtic Gifts: Orders of Ministry in the Celtic Church
by Robert Van De Weyer

56. Celtic Goddesses: Warriors, Virgins and Mothers
by Miranda Green, Miranda J. Aldhouse-Green

57. Celtic Gods, Celtic Goddesses
by R. J. Stewart, Miranda Gray, Courtney Davis

58. Celtic Gospels Their Story and Their Text
by Lemue Hopkins James

59. Celtic Hagiography and Saints' Cults
by Jane Cartwright

60. Celtic Heritage Saints
by Marian Keaney

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