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Celtic Benediction: Morning and Night Prayer

by J. Philip Newell

Buy the book: J. Philip Newell. Celtic Benediction: Morning and Night Prayer

Release Date: December, 2000

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: J. Philip Newell. Celtic Benediction: Morning and Night Prayer

A beautiful book but for what need?

This is a beautiful book - the "coffee table" style of prayer book in which the art is as important as the prayers. This style works best as books to dip into in times of special need. This book, however, is structured as morning and evening prayer for a week. Morning and evening prayer share the same structure: a single verse of psalm, silent meditation on a sentence, an opening prayer in a Celtic style, two short Scriptural verses for meditation or lectio divina, a prayer of thanksgiving and intercession, a topical sentence of meditation and a closing prayer.

J. Philip Newell has done a splendid job of selecting and organizing his material. However, the material is too slight to constitute material for a retreat - and would quickly become too repetitive if used as a continuous prayer pattern. The result is a wonderful book for which I can think of no situation for which I would recommend it. What a pity.

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Great devotional tool. Helps me focus on the goodness of God

I've been using Newell's little book as guide for my prayer time. It has been wonderful for keeping my mind and spirit focused upon the glory of God.

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