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Advanced Celtic Shamanism

by D. J. Conway

Buy the book: D. J. Conway. Advanced Celtic Shamanism

Release Date: 30 September, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: D. J. Conway. Advanced Celtic Shamanism

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From the first pages, which speak of Celts in India and druids teaching karma, it was clear that D.J. Conway knows little about authentic Celtic tradition. This book is an amalgam of New Age fluff, from aromatherapy to eight-spoked wheel. There is very little here that could be considered Celtic.

If you are interested in Celtica, I recommend _Celtic Heritage_ by Rees & Rees. For authentic Celtic rituals, try Kondratiev's _Celtic Rituals_. If you are interested in shamanism, try Vitebsky's book or Harner's _The Way of the Shaman_.

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Advanced Celtic Shamanism

I was immediately drawn to the book and I have learned to never dismiss my intuition, thus I bought it. The moment I opened the book and began reading I felt as though it was written about me. I found it held the same beliefs I have always had since I could remember, I never understood while seeing visions of my past (14-1500's), I was dressed like a man (though a woman) and wielded a sword and fought like a man. I always knew of women back then dressing in gowns and dresses not breeches. After reading the book it all began to make sense. Why I felt the way I did, looking back on my experiences, how I feel about things,and why I had such a poll toward the Celtic Culture. I cannot speak for how this book will effect another, But I know the effects it had on me. But I feel this book would have something in it for anyone with that *inner* knowing.

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